Shoot Boutique

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fabulous photos
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Shoot BoutiqueShoot Boutique

Shoot Boutique could be the best thing to happen to weddings since the best man's speech and the happy ever after. Taking the hireable photo booth and adding imagination and passion for fantastic photographs, Shoot Boutique combines the best elements of the photo studio with the convenience of the booth.

With top quality digital photography doing the work, the Boutique experience adds a fantastic element to your wedding or other important event. A simple touch screen system allows you to spend time finding the perfect pose; something you have lots of room to do with space for full length pictures. Solo or as a group, there's room enough in the Boutique. With a library of interiors to choose from, including backdrops and furniture, there are plenty of options for making your pictures look incredible. We also offer custom interiors to suit any theme and will offer expert advice throughout the creative process.

Shoot Boutique

Six simple steps
to the perfect print;
the photo at your fingertips

Shoot BoutiqueShoot BoutiqueShoot BoutiqueShoot BoutiqueShoot BoutiqueShoot Boutique
  1. Touch the screen to begin the session
  2. Touch again to start count down
  3. You have 10 seconds to compose your picture with a live video feed on-screen of what the camera sees
  4. Check photo before printing; yes/no option allows you to adjust your poses
  5. Wait excitedly for 30 seconds
  6. Collect your dry, processed, professional quality print and treasure forever!

Shoot Boutique gives you the unique ability to be behind the camera as well as posing in front of it; our live view touch screen system puts you in complete control. Pose, review, reject or select. Simple, fun and fast. You see what the camera sees allowing you as many chances as you want to get the perfect picture.

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